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"You know what’s funny… I spend months tangled up in knots, and in five minutes you straighten me out."

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"I’ve been drinking about you."

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Master of letters

This is the work of Xu Bing from Wenling of Zhejiang province now doctor for design on the columbia university in USA. His installations can be seen in the museum of modern art, British Museum, Princeton Art Museum and many more around the planet. Playing with letters and mostly making sculptures out of them is his central theme. The first artwork above is made with a clean sponge writing on a dusty floor. Only the light shows the effect of the written word. The next project has the name living word which seems like butterflies flying away. The other projects are older and show the big power of lettering while using a whole chamber in the museum. The last project is impessive while haveing some kind of newspaper like a sailcloth covering the whole place. This is really deep art but it’s also done with the power and love for typography.

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sext: i want to pay bills and share household duties and approach our late 20’s in a financially and emotionally stable way with you

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He literally lives his life as if Drake and Josh never ended.

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Memphis May Fire // No Ordinary Love (video)


Memphis May Fire // No Ordinary Love (video)

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there’s something comforting about a bed on the floor, it represents somebody who doesn’t quite have their shit together, i like that.

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